The State We’re In (Part 2): Social Progress in Chile With or Without the State?

23 November, 2023 20:00 (London time)

Across the world people often try to use the powers they have been granted by the state to bring about social change.  And sometimes they strive to go beyond the state to create autonomous enclaves. 

In this session, facilitated by Fiona HarringtonFernando Quintana will discuss recent attempts to replace the Chilean constitution, originally imposed during the 1973 military coup in which General Augusto Pinochet replaced Chile’s first socialist president, Salvadore Allende. One of Museum of Care’s members will summarise some of David Graeber’s ideas of democracy and ask why did occupy refuse to respond to the demand to make demands?

For the discussion, find below some excerpts from the writing of David Graeber on Democracy & the Occupy Movement.  A piece by Fernando Quintana on recent politics in Chile can be found [here]. The Occupy New York Declaration is [here].

Further Readings: [Democracy]

In collaboration with [Real Democracy Movement]

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