Roy Bhaskar’s ‘Enlightened Common Sense’ and ‘From Science to Emancipation’ – Reading Group Part 1

08 November, 2022 20:00 (London time)

“One of the most influential voices in the philosophy of science and a political revolutionary”
David Graeber

This inaugural meeting of the Roy Bhaskar reading group will introduce both these books and discuss the form this reading group will take over the coming weeks

For this session we will be discussing the first chapter of “Enlightened Common Sense” and the introduction to “From Science to Emancipation.” Both texts are pretty short and will give us a flavour of what’s to come. You can access the texts here.

Also, during the call we will discuss the following:

  • reading: decide between ECS and FStE
  • do we want a single discussion moderator, a rotating moderator, or just come in with our own questions to discuss?
  • schedule: choose a schedule that works for us all
  • anything else.

The recording of this meeting has been archived. You can access some more resources on Roy Bhaskar from David Graeber and the Museum of Care community here.

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