Carnival 2023 in preparation

We’re getting ready for the Pirate Carnival on Saturday, September 16, at the Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate–also known as ‘Rowley Way.’ Lately, I’ve been thinking about how Carnivals4David has evolved over the last few years. There have been three of them so far. This one is the fourth. Despite huge enthusiasm and over 200 locations […]


Today is scheduled MASTODON ASSEMBLY Please, come! This is probably the most important collective project since the beginning of the Museum of Care. When the David Graeber Institute set up the server, there was a real exodus of users from Twitter. The new owner, Elon Mask, radically and senselessly has been changing the rules. Now […]

Conversation about…

(to be edited) Initially, this conversation arose from two points: the first was a Museum of Care reading group on Another Art world, which took place a few years ago. The second, a discussion of Walter Benjamin’s texts and the relationship of his texts to David Graeber’s texts. In the following, a wider conversation emerged […]

An Artist as a Programmer of an Open-Source Software

Today, the ideal artist is considered a genius who, alone or in a group, creates a social structure in which other people must live.However, it seems to me that in such a case it is not so much a question of being an artist as it is of developing political technologies that fall on the […]

Franz Erhard Walther VS Joseph Beuys

Two of the most famous German artists were not friends. They were both engaged in participatory art and both strongly influenced our view of society. Yet their visions were radically different: Beuys called Walter a bureaucrat and a tailor. And Franz Erhard Walther felt humiliated and lonely in Boyce’s circle, so he lived in isolation […]


curated by John Phillips, Michael Collins, Clive Russell, Nika Dubrovsky A workshop was held during the Carnival which marked the opening of the David Graeber’s Institute at 29-11-2022 in Rowley Way, UK. The workshop was followed by an exhibition of posters on Climate Emergency.

Margaret Thatcher VS Neave Brown

And then, when it all went off, when Margaret Thatcher completely stopped public housing, when she said there was no such thing as society, then I became an artist and in a curious way, I put it all away. Neave Brown Margaret Thatcher and Neave Brown disliked each other, to say the least.It’ s time […]

APTART Exhibition: “50 Years of Protest Posters in the UK”

curated by Clive Russell and John Phillips Nika Dubrovsly talks with the curators of the exhibition. Read and listen Hooray! The first exhibition of the project “APTART, 50 Years of Protest Posters in the UK” timed with the opening of the David Graeber Institute is now on!  Our first AptArt exhibition was organized by the Museum of […]