Where did it come from?

This article is a part of the room: Museum of Care as a Project

Project was started by Anca Dimofte and Nika Dubrovsky, but now anyone can take it and make it their own!

It was born out of the Decision Making working Group and out of our rather productive Discord between some members of the MoC.

One day, Anca Dimofte and Nika Dubrovsky asked themselves: is it possible to make a collective project that would not restrict participants’ freedom?
The ideal embodiment of freedom is a game.
But any game has rules.
They talked about a collective documentary film consisting of dialogues about decision-making. It was interesting to explore the point at which we, as humans, construct our social reality by making up the rules. After all, we can change it at this very moment, reconsider it, can’t we?
The documentary would research the decision-making process that people practice in different cultures, ages, historical times, and social situations.
We want to involve as many participants as possible, from children to soldiers, from polices officers to artists, from activists to financial brokers, from students and artists, from retirees to refugees.
The tools to produce and publish interviews are available to everyone and free of charge.
Anca brilliantly suggested using #collectivedocumentary, #MuseumOfCare #Decisionmaking to link conversations into a coherent whole.
Maybe we found a clever way of figuring this out — distributing all the work to everyone who wanted to do it. Only one condition is necessary: everyone agrees that any of the materials can be used by anyone in the final product, whatever it may be: documentary film, video installation, book, manifesto, photo album, comic book… what else?
We’ll keep posting new ones and new ones.

Everyone is welcome to participate! There is no selection committee. 

Just write as an email and join our Satuday’s zoom meetings at 13-00 GTM
Meeting ID: 604 596 7588
Passcode: CITY