Video Guidelines

This article is a part of the room: Tools of Care

Dear friends,

I have decided to explain how to record and shoot yourself during our online events so that our wonderful viewers and listeners don’t suffer from poor sound/video quality. As a DIY community, we use the most democratic means for this.

Here’s what would be great to buy to equip your small video studio with:

  • + Lighting that can also be used as an iPhone stand (Buy it on Amazon)
  • + Microphone
  • + Headphones (or microphone and headphones together)

If you are recording on a video camera (not a smartphone), use an external microphone.

What else? Some basic rules for video recording – horizontal:

  • + Use a smartphone: the minimum requirement is an iPhone 11, or latest iPhone models, or equivalent (e.g., Samsung).
  • + Resolution: 4K/Full HD, using the main (rear) camera of the smartphone.
  • + Use natural daylight.
  • + Do not shoot yourself against a window.
  • + Keep the camera level or use a tripod.
  • + Use headphones with a headset (built-in microphone). Typically, these can be regular iPhone headphones or other headphones with a built-in microphone.
  • + Look directly into the camera. Choose the right place (not too far from the camera) to film yourself, make sure the angle that you choose will be comfortable for you to look into the lens.
  • + Ensure complete silence when recording sound (no background music). Close your windows to avoid street noise.


  • + Avoid clothing with text, such as brands or slogans.
  • + Do not wear bright red or black clothing, or clothing with small stripes.