The power blower

The power blower


According to the Bible, Joshua and his entourage miraculously managed to make the fabled walls around Jericho collapse with the sound of trumpets. It is said that the inhabitants of Jericho laughed and mocked Joshua for his use of unconventional methods which, besides a good deal of patience, involved intense prayer and seven trumpet-playing priests who circled the mighty city walls for days.


The power blower can be used against power and authorities of various kinds. If the police stop you on the street because they don’t like your face, you may very well use it. Every time you meet one of the social welfare office’s gatekeepers who prevents you from entering the welfare schemes, or is stopped by a zealous tram inspector or a condescending case manager at the tax authorities: Make use of The power blower and play along. Or create a joint action in front of the parliament and blow the power (but not the community) out of the water.

No matter how tempting it may be, don’t let the end of the blower come into contact with any person of authority, as you could risk being prosecuted for bodily harm. Therefore familiarize yourself with the range of the blower in a safe environment before taking it out with you.