Repair Kit for Tax Loopholes

The neoliberals believe that the biggest threat to the free market is tax. Every year, this drives thousands of tax evaders to desperate measures. Some flee their homes in hopes of finding a safe place for their cherished possessions. Others hire expensive help from tax lawyers to get advice on the tricky tax regulations. Repair Kit for Tax Loopholes is an effective aid in the treatment of tax phobia.


The neoliberalists believe that tax is an important factor that prevents free market forces from unfolding towards a healthy and competitive society.

Their long-term scaremongering is now bearing fruit through an increase in the number of tax havens, freeports and creative tax planning consultancy firms. The propaganda hits proportonally to the amount of wealth – the richer people are, the more they fear the tax. And some people actually develop such a strong tax phobia that if the tax planning companies cannot help them, they or a family member flee to distant countries and islands.

Repair Kit for Tax Loopholes can be used as an effective aid in the treatment of the phobia.


Glue, sandpaper, patches in various sizes and formats.

Instructions for use

Locate all tax loopholes that can be used as tax escape routes.

Seal these tightly with the help of Repair Kit for Tax Loopholes.

If the treatment is not sufficient, existing legislation must be used.

For particularly obstinately tax loopholes, it may be necessary to develop and adopt new laws.

Continuously give the taxophobic person the necessary exposure and cognitive therapy, so that she or he can eventually end up as a satisfied tax-paying member of society.

Follow-up by means of control questions is in many cases strictly required, as relapse does not infrequently occur.

Examples of control questions

Do you notice tendencies towards relapse, and if so have you had contact with other tax evaders?

Are you familiar with the concept of the social contract, and if so, does this phenomenon mean anything to you?

Have you given any thought to how necessary infrastructure such as power grids, roads, waste disposal, water and sewage is financed?

Have you ever used publicly funded infrastructure? Try to count the number of times.

Have you ever made use of a publicly funded welfare offer, such as e.g. when you were born or went to primary school? Also try to count this.

Can you, through deep concentration, mobilize a sense of solidarity with other community members?

Does your business benefit from being located in a country with a high degree of stability and mutual trust?

How long do you think the less well off classes will agree to pay for your greed?

There are also many inspiring resources online, such as articles about billionaires working to pay more taxes:

Millionaires for Humanity