Brady & Vadstein

The artist duo Paul Brady and Hege Vadstein have been active since 1999 and live and work in Oslo, Norway. We are the main driving forces of the collective art projects Torggata, Cabaret Standard, Vyrk Kultur and Sagene Infoshop. Although each of the projects have their own course and form of expression, the synergy effect between them is important both socially, practically and conceptually, as they reinforce, expand and borrow from each other.

* * *

Our artistic activity can be described as social rather than formal, and is influenced by ideas from situationism, activism, relational aesthetics, subversive strategies and social practice. We are not bound to any particular technique or form of expression, but let the current subject matter be decisive for the choice of medium or strategy. We are concerned with facilitating collective enterprises rather than individual approaches.

Both Torggata Blad, Cabaret Standard,, Vyrk Kultur, and the recently started Sagene Infoshop, take place as collaborative projects where all from 1 to 40 other artists, activists and enthusiasts are involved. We strive for the processes to be performed in an as non-hierarchical and caring manner as possible, and regard this as more important than how successful the eventual result will be.