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Curated by Beatriz Moral, Nika Dubrovsky andand is looking for volunteers and co-curators

Beatriz Moral recently traveled to Cuba with some donated books, coming from her store in Spain, these books were met with many readers and a serious shortage of books in Havana. After her first visit, Beatrice decided to begin collecting and shipping books to Cuba.

So, if you have books you want to donate to be sent to Cuba, send them to this address:

David Greaber used to give books to people all the time: as a present, as a recommendation, as a story inside of his stories.

It seems to be one of the best things we can do for each other — learn together, read together, and share stories about what we’ve read.
Another room at the Museum of Care, BOOKS AND STORIES, is dedicated to sharing books we’ve read.
If you’d like to write or share something about the books you’ve read, email us.