Notes: 26.04.2023 Assembly

We have decided to dedicate the next Reading Groups, starting in September, to Michael Hudson’s book and the Seminar of Care. Both projects are scheduled to begin with a seminar, during which we will discuss the framework of our future Reading Groups. Maybe next year they will look more diverse.

Here are some of the ideas proposed:

  • To read only selected chapters together, and the moderator retells the remaining chapters;
  • To incorporate art projects and direct action (Anne Dubos’ suggestion for the Seminar of Care);
  • To read children’s books (Michael Reinsborough’s suggestion, possible implementation by Nika Dubrovsky);
  • To watch video talks together and discuss them.

Another idea proposed continued what was discussed before but was not yet realized: to install a chat room in each room or provide access to some external resource where this particular group can discuss current issues, exchange opinions, or as Christian Walter said, “chat in between reading groups.”

We also discussed the challenges of integrating new projects into the ongoing work of the Museum.

Finally, we plan to take a summer break at the MOC from the end of June to September.

Lets us know what you think