Notes: Assembly 27-09

Notes from Meeting

  • Solicitation of note-taker

MR took notes

  • Possible ‘protocols’ for room curators and communication

Mark noted that there were several channels of communication and it was easy for things to get lost.  Nika gave update on soon coming improvements to website – one platform log-in for all the DGI social media to send out publicity (Alecia who is paid to help out by Nika) from the event directly to twitter.  Also there is intent to make a room automatic- i.e. people can just come to website and create an account and then create a room.  The room has to be approved by the administrator and the housekeeping committee should tell the administrator to do this or not.  Every room should have some roles- the curator or facilitator of the room.  The content on the web is unified because of the formatting: an article with headings, summary, body, etc.  The emphasis should be fully on that curator to organize/facilitate the room.  Also, anyone should be able to create an event in the calendar and it will just pop-up in the calendar.  This is something the housekeeping committee needs to look at.  Nika praised hotdesking and suggested rooms that are abandoned should be archived or reopened, possibly by someone else.

  • Review of 2022-2023 google doc calendar (insert ‘Conversations of Care with Keith Hart’ series of events)
  • Alignment of MoC Calendar with google doc calendar. 

Keith Hart is doing a slightly different format for reading group with 6 people joining and a long list of activities like a class on Africa Economic Anthropology.  The calendar is not yet populated with the draft event list that are here and an announcement of events hasn’t yet been written.  MR suggested that we have a regular event every Thursday.  Every FIRST THURSDAY Christian is running ‘Around Debt’ room reading ‘Collapse of Antiquity’ (by Michael Hudson).  Every SECOND THURSDAY Jon is running a Roy Bhaskar critical realism reading group.  This month Keith Hart would begin on the third Thursday and waiting to see more how that develops but it might run parallel (probably on Wednesday for instance).  The Third Thursday starting in November will be run by Steve and will be reading Bullshit Jobs (by David Graeber).  In October and November the fourth Thursday is done by The State We’re In collaboration between Nika’s room (collectivity room) and the Real Democracy group who did the Ilyenkov talk.  There was suggestion that they start their own room. 

So key task- populate the calendar and write an announcement.

  • (Solution to moderation on email list)

There wasn’t full discussion of list moderation, (SF could til end of meeting) but MR maintained that with 4 or 5 hundred people on the list that it was probably not the place for experimental discussion and should probably be more like an announcement list.  No new people volunteered to help moderate the list.  It might be good to make a standard email that one can send about how to get off the mailing list as a reply to any enquiries.

  • Other stuff discussed (announcements)