Notes: 16.10.2020 Assembly

Dear all,

Below are a few notes from our chat last week.

  • We decided last week to make the Museum of Care (and Freedom) as a distributed network of residencies (anti-institutions, open to everyone, not only to the people from Academia or the Art World)
  • We have many questions:
    • The rules and agreements? Between residents and those offering space
    • The structure of the foundation (or anti-institution)
    • What could be the creative ways of fundraising that would prevent us from turning into one more power broker in the institutional market
    • How to build our structure, our solidarity network? Should we use a wiki model? How should we avoid the mistakes of Wiki, Diaspora and other alternative networks?

We concluded that it makes sense to create six working groups, which will report to the open assembly. The groups are:

  • Infrastructure group:
    • For now, mostly we are – website development team, but later we will need accountant and lawyers in this group
  • Fundraising:
    • We are looking for people interested in developing alternative ideas of how money could work (for example, cryptocurrencies), as well as people who understand traditional ways of drawing and distributing resources.
  • Press team:
    • We need to speak to the public. How?
  • Residences and laws:
    • We want to invite those who already have experience in creating residencies, as well as people who would like to learn how to do it, but we are also looking for creating a legal team. We will need help to organize the relationship between our future residents and the people/institutions that provide them with Freedom and Care.
    • We want to ensure the proper functioning of the project, as well as invent new laws to avoid bureaucratization but to keep it safe.
  • Visual Assembly group (you can read about it here:
    • This is David Graeber and Nika Dubrovsky project (City of Care/Care Unite), which was supposed to happen in Graz on October 11, 2020. We are planning to hold it next year in a residences network, which will appear during the year October 11, 2021.
  • Reading group:
    • We are looking to join one of the existing groups that invite us or create our own.

— feel free to contact Nika:

Here’s David & Nika’s article: “The Museum of Care: Imagining the World After the Pandemic.” that could explain the context.