Museum of Care (3.0)

This article is a part of the room: Museum of Care as a Project


In the Museum of Care (3.0), the system of guest curators was introduced.

So there are two types of curating in the Museum of Care: the curator of one or more rooms and the curator of the whole Museum of Care for one or three months.

We are looking for proposals to become a curator of the Museum of Care.

Why do you want to become a curator of the Museum of Care?

  • We are a unique community. There are over 400 of us and we are located all over the world: from Mexico to Russia, from Japan to England.
  • We are very different: activists, academics, artists, retirees, students, engineers, and who else?
  • The Museum of Care is supported by the David Graeber Foundation. Participants, curators of the entire Museum or rooms of the Museum do not need any diplomas, connections, permissions, and so forth. 

Who can become the curator of the Museum of Care?

Anyone who has an idea of the Project for the Museum can become a curator. Museum members attending the Assembly will choose a curator from existing room curators or curatorial suggestions that comes outside of the Museum. It could be groups, organizations, institutions or individuals.

What can guest curators do in the Museum of Care?

They can hold conferences, publish books, invite guests themselves, hold exhibitions, or organize festivals, public events, and demonstrations.
Museum rooms can sometimes curate the entire museum.

Depending on whether we have many or few proposals for being a curator of MoC, we might decide on a way of selecting curatorial teams, up to and including choosing them by lottery.

Here is a collection of projects that seem related to the Museum of Care, but there are many more out there in the world. Please, get in touch with us.

The Rooms/Projects of the Museum of Care will continue to be developed by the own Curators/Authors.

Our reading group, our open lectures, our library of care, fighting club, visual assembly and more are here to stay, does not matter who will be curating the Museum at any time.

If anyone wants to organize a Room in the Museum of Care, they need no permission, but the community of the Museum of Care may be willing to help.