Mini spray for mini actions

Paint spray in a handy pocket format

How can one speak out about natural destruction and injustice when the possibilities for communication in the public space is reserved for those who can afford advertising? If you want to express something on surfaces other than those intended for advertising – e.g. on walls, fences and lampposts, this is considered as criminal littering, and you risk a hefty fine.


It is worth dwelling a little on the following strange phenomenon: When people and companies through commercial exploitation of nature cause mass destruction and death, the activity is considered to be legal and completely acceptable, while when people and groups hang up posters informing about the same, it is considered as criminal littering. There are many indications that the UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, has thought about the same paradox:
«Climate activists are sometimes depicted as dangerous radicals. But the truly dangerous radicals are the countries that are increasing the production of fossil fuels.»


Paint spray in a handy pocket format


Come up with a superb slogan or a clever motif that can create a movement, spread information or make people wonder. Get a takeaway pizza box and cut out the planned text or motif with a scalpel. Put on a hat (avoid a hood), take the pizza box template with you (carry the box as if it were to contain a pizza) and the spray can and find a suitable surface – e.g. a power cabinet – at a quiet time. Quickly paint the subject and leave the scene.

It is also perfectly fine to spray directly and without a stencil. Graffiti has always been an important form of expression.