Mini spray for mini actions

How can one speak out about destruction of nature and social injustice when expressing oneself in the public space is reserved for those who can afford advertising space, while other expressions are considered criminal littering? With the Minispray, you can leave remarkable, witty and subtle signs of expression or precise critique of power in public spaces without being caught.


Graffiti is an ancient form of expression that reflects man’s need to consolidate his existence. In Brazil, they have developed a distinctive form of graffiti called pixação. This has roots back to the 1930s and the word comes from the verb pichar which means to cover with tar. Until the 80s, pixação was used to express political protest, but eventually it developed into the signature of the performer – the pixador.

Building São Vito in downtown São Paulo, with about 50 different teams

In the 1980s, Brazil went through an economic crisis. The response was to let a neoliberal and market-oriented policy take over the country. Housing, like a number of other social rights, was left with the new policy to the free and private market to fulfill. Brazil is today the country in South America with the highest level of economic inequality. Political unrest, corruption and sky-high violence statistics are consequences of this again.

The change of the pixação practice from political slogans to signatures can be read as a resignation to a society where the huge inequalities are cemented. Instead of influencing society, the form of expression provides an outlet for rage, and forms the basis for a community where those who agree communicate with each other. Placed on highly visible but inaccessible wall surfaces – most preferably on famous buildings or buildings that house institutions of power, they give the finger to the society and signal that they exist.

Learn from Brazil and grab the spray can while you still have the opportunity to influence the society!


Paint spray in a handy pocket format


  • Hatch a superb slogan or a cunning motif that can create a movement, convey information or make people wonder.
  • Find a suitable surface at a quiet time of day.
  • Quickly paint the motif, or leave a furious signature, and leave the scene.