Decision-making process: an anthology.

We are starting to work on a collection of interviews and texts about the decision-making process. So far we are only collecting and editing of some of the interviews we have already taken and some we will take in the near future.We are going to David’s text and THE TYRANNY of STRUCTURELESSNESS. We are very […]

The Tyranny of Structurelessness

Letter from Scott Thompson to the community of Museum of Care: Hello everyone,  I have to admit I haven’t contributed to the Museum of Care as much as I could have or should have done. This sort of thing doesn’t come naturally to me – I’m certainly not a “core activist” with ambitions of “public […]

Where did it come from?

Project was started by Anca Dimofte and Nika Dubrovsky, but now anyone can take it and make it their own! It was born out of the Decision Making working Group and out of our rather productive Discord between some members of the MoC. One day, Anca Dimofte and Nika Dubrovsky asked themselves: is it possible […]