How to Join In

This article is a part of the room: Brain Trust Culinary Collection

How to participate in the Brain Trust open-source dinners: 

1. Check out our lists of dinner ingredients and instructions from our chef.

2. Form a community by inviting your friends, family, and strangers to join us, because the goal of our project is to create interested communities of mutual support;

(here’s a proposed list – changes may apply since we are still in the preparation stage).  

3. At the end of the cooking/preparation time, afte the dinner, it would be possible to ask our guest chef practical questions about how to assemble, cook, and produce the food they offer. 

4. Stay with us and continue to spread the word, using our posters with tips on how to produce open-source food, build communities and help each other. 

Other projects that may appear as a result: 

– A video and a printed culinary collection

– A set of cooking posters/cards and souvenirs