Notes: 21.12.2022 ASSEMBLY

Minutes of the Dec 21, 2022, Housekeeping Committee meeting


  • DGI magazine, which could be produced in collaboration between the Museum of Care and the David Graeber Institute
  • Changes to the MoC website
  • Take a look at new rooms and how to help them to develop
  • Plan for 2023
  • Preparation for the Pirate Carnival
  • Regular Housekeeping Committee Meetings last Wednesday every month from now on. 


  1. DGI magazine, in collaboration between the Museum of Care and the David Graeber Institute and 

Three issues so far  (+4 to come) 

  1. Climate Emergency and the Open of David Graeber Institute

The editors: Nika Dubrovsky and James Schneider

  1. “David and his philosophers”

The editors: Simona and Vassily + 

  1. Pirates – Marcus Rediker, Cory Doctorow
  2. Education and antieducation 
  • Question: how to have some consistency with different editors (assuming we need consistency to help build magazine distribution).  The suggestion is to use the suggestions from archive books


2) How to edit texts together and request help with editing English texts

  1. Starting collective google doc
  2. Editing it collectively (always turn on the view/mode/suggestions
  3. Please, let us know if you can help

3) Plan for 2023

—- Pirate Carnival (probably in May/June in Timisoara) 

We continue to discuss where and how to make it. 

We will probably need to make an open call.

Editors needed for the past carnivals’ texts.

—- Reading groups: 

  • Debt:  Now doing only one chapter per week.  It might be helpful to update the website so that people will know which chapter is being discussed.  Many people join after watching YouTube and are not on the email list.  So we may think of how to get people on the email list. The idea of merging all email lists into one single email list. 
  • Roy Bhaskar reading group 
  • Vassily – reading group Democracy project (maybe with LSE)
  • David and his philosophers
  • Reading about anarchism 

— Museum of Care rooms 

The housekeeping committee of the Museum of Care would invite the curators of the new rooms to our meetings to ask how to help them and how to interact with them. 

We decided that in each room, the curator should describe his or her policy: whether or not they like to have guests, co-creators, and co-creators. Whether they are ready for their room to be inhabited (and the project to continue) if they eventually abandon the room, or whether the curator would like to leave the room untouched in the Museum’s archives.

An important question: does the curator allow their room to be copied to create another version based on it, to be taken care of by someone else? 

Have a regular meeting on the last Wednesday of every month

6 pm on Zoom.  The next meeting is on Jan 25th