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David’s Contribution

This was his “installation” on his desk in the last month before his death.
On David’s desk
Here’s another picture to add to Phoebe’s collection.
David liked to collect funny toys.
He had a whole collection of soldiers, freaks, gizmos, stones, and stuff

Yash’s Contribution

Here’s my offering, a little origami flower 🙂

Amy’s Contribution

This is the wall next to my desk, with many images and words I love.

“The future is not certain, but it is possible.”

— Howard Zin

Desne’s Contribution

My gift is a book I bought for David just last week. I was literally thinking I will buy this for David … I’ll have a read of it for him 🙂 Perhaps some of you can join me

Alex’s Contribution

Another gift:
I met Alejandro at a university. I rode my BMX bike on campus. He rode a BMX bike on campus. When I expressed my interest in anthropology, he referred me to David’s “Fragments of An Anarchist Anthropology,” which I found the pdf of and have now read almost a dozen times since that time in 2005. Alejandro knew of David from his days in New York, or at least they had to have known the same people. Anyways, Alejandro is something of a hero to me (like David), and so I wanted to include one of his many translations that he happened to publish:

Anca’s Contribution

Cicadas shed their skin before growing wings and these shells like “skin bodies” remain attached to trees. I found this one in Sicily and painted it in silver. A gift to David’s own immortality.