Roy Bhaskar’s ‘Enlightened Common Sense’ and ‘From Science to Emancipation’ / How to Take Over the “David and his Philosophers”

14 December, 2023 20:00 (London time)

In the first part of this session we’ll discuss the relationship between Roy Bhaskar’s dialectics (outlined in chapter 6 of Enlightened Common Sense) and David Graeber’s discussion and use of Marx in Towards an Anthropological Theory of Value (page 100, page 69, and other mentions of Bhaskar in the text).

In the second part, building on the foundation of this group and the “David Graeber and his Philosophers” room, we will discuss how the ideas explored in these two projects can be transformed into something altogether new. What is the best way to continue to explore the connection between David Graeber’s work and the philosophical texts that interested him? And how can we best construct the process of discussion, of talking to each other and engaging new people?

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