Pedagogies of Care, part 2

28 March, 2024 20:00 (London time)

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Militant Care. Pedagogies in action. A conversation with Contrafilé Group

The second meeting of Pedagogies of Care project will host a conversation between Brazil based artists and activists Contrafilé Group  (currently, Cibele Lucena, Joana Zatz Mussi, and Rafael Leona), Andris Brinkmanis, senior lecturer and the course Leader of BA in Painting and Visual Arts at NABA in Milan and Visiting Professor for the Art Academy of Latvia Curatorial Course and the communities of Museum of Care and David Graeber Institute.

Based in Sao Paulo/Brazil, Grupo Contrafilé is an art-politics-education production group that focuses on the encounters with different people and communities, always from a cartographic perspective, that has as its main working material the listening and the performatization of urgency. Currently, Cibele Lucena, Joana Zatz Mussi, and Rafael Leona are part of this collective. Teachers, researchers and artists who understand education as an important place for creation and inspiration, as it contributes to possible transformations in the collective sensibility and imagination. The group has participated in several exhibitions, such as: Women in fight! Political memory archives (Resistance Memorial, São Paulo, 2023-2024), Meta Archive 1964-1985 – Space for Listening and Reading Stories of the Dictatorship (Resistance Memorial and Sesc, 2019), Talking to Action – Art, Pedagogy and Activism in the Americas (USA, 2017-2019), 31st São Paulo Art Biennial (2014), Radical Education (Slovenia, 2008), Collective Creativity (Germany, 2005). Presently, the Group is developing the School of Testimonies project.


Series of encounters Pedagogies of Care draw inspiration from the legacies of historical figures such as Francisco Ferrer Guardia, Asja Lacis, Bertolt Brecht and Walter Benjamin, Ivan Illich, Augusto Boal, Palle Nielsen, bell hooks and David Graeber among others and aims to foster a debate, bridge and bring together various figures and groups engaged with alternative education on a global scale. 

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