How to join Collective Documentary

This article is a part of the room: How to make decisions: Collective Documentary

To create a Collective Documentary, consider the following:

Stage 1

Choose a person with whom you want to talk. A person who can contribute an interesting perspective to a collective conversation. 

You talk to this person, asking him/her/them questions and trying (as much as you can and as much as you wish) following the structure—asking them the same questions:

  • How do they make decisions (at work, in a family, in a school classroom, in a political movement, in a cooperative). Describe the process. 
  • What kind of challenges do they confront? What is difficult about it? 
  • What is the most meaningful, joyful, easy, happy part of the process?  
  • What do they consider successes? How much of their experience would they like to keep and pass on to teach others?
  • What would they like to change and/or to give up? 

ps — these questions can be updated. They are no more than preliminary suggestions

Stage 2

Record your interview with one of the programs like Zoom or whatever is available to you. 

Try to record it with the best possible sound. 

We will try to provide a little tutorial for you here.

Stage 3

Put the interview on YouTube or another channel you prefer. Add two hashtags #MuseumofCare #DecisionMaking 

Stage 4

Anyone can collect this video, combine them into the documentary, edit it, mix, narrate, and put it together. Maybe we will have a very cool documentary! Or maybe we can just have a series of interesting conversations. Let’s see …

All participants should agree to release their videos under the copyleft license.

By posting your video with our hashtag, you agree that your work would become available under the public domain. 

Don’t forget to ask for permission from your collaborators. You are responsible for them, too. 

Also, tell them how wonderful it is to participate in a project that can change the world for the better.