Notes: 27.05.2021 Assembly

Dear all, 

here is a video from our yesterday’s Assembly

27th of May #museumofcare Assembly: new curatorial team

I am eternally grateful to the students of the Critical Studies Department, Andris Brinkmanis, Zasha Colah and Archive Milano, who will be curating the Museum of Care for the next two or three months.
Our programmer, Oleg Kostishin, is sharing access with them so they can run their “room” in the MoC.

Shortly, together we will write a letter to invite to the Assembly in late June and to a conference in late July on Education and its relationships with institutions.

Yesterday we also discussed Hand Book  for the Care Museum and how to organize our internal affairs under the new circumstances. 
Here are some ideas about Museum 3.0

Yesterday, during the Assembly, new ideas came up!
We indeed need to decide how to take care of the Museum at all times, regardless of curators. We’re going back to the core-group idea, but maybe this time we can formulate it with more flexibility to avoid becoming an institution or to avoid any power game?
Anka suggested using the terminology of
“Housekeeping” (committee?), in Russian I would say “Group of Caregivers” (which is not easy to translate into English because in Russian it retains the funny charm of something very family-like and at the same time sounds almost like the official name of a Soviet “body.
But would vote for using “Housekeeping committee.”
How to set up a Housekeeping committee?
What should it do?
We can share the collective takes of supporting our community independently of who is Curating Museum of Care.
What I have in mind it:
providing zoom time once a month for the Assembly, which runs and is facilitated by the Guest curators.
– helping them to write an agenda or just publishing it on the website and on the mailing list.
– publishing videos and other documentation of the Assembly
– maintaining the website
– moderating comments
– maintaining groups on Facebook and Discord (and maybe somewhere else?),
If it is a group effort, it would not be overwhelming
There will always be one person responsible, and the rest of us will be there to help out if she or he cannot do it. For the first month, I would ask Anca or Simona to take care of the Museum as a housekeepers

How to choose future curatorial teams?
Some ideas are described here.
We will need to decide on:
– how to transfer the Museum from one curatorial team to another. What would be the procedure?
– How to select curatorial teams: maybe by lottery? By consensus? by vote? By the discussion on the mailing list? By loomio?

I suggest we discuss it and condense it into one text.