Notes: 04.12.2020 Assembly

We’re looking forward to seeing you at MoC assembly later today, from 8pm-9pm GMT. Here’s how to join, and what we have on the agenda:



  • Introduction (5 min):
    • Announce that we’re recording, so you can change your Zoom name, switch video off/on as needed
    • Ice breaker
    • Facilitator to read out the agenda and check for any additions
  • Updates (~10 min):
    • Press – Clare J (3 min)
    • Web/Anthropology for All/task based working – Clive (5 min)
    • Residencies – Dennis (2 min)
  • Reading group Part 1: RepRap
    • We will open our reading group with an introduction by Adrian Bowyer, who invented and created the machine RepRap 3D printer and the international community that develops and supports it. RepRap aims to control the means of production, not only to the proletariat but to everybody. There is no need to appropriate or collectivize the means of production. Let’s give it away: everyone has to have a personal self-replicating factory.
    • Adrian was RepRap’s founder, and its second member was Michael S. Hart, who was also a founder of Project Gutenberg
    • Links: Adrian Bowyer, RepRap
  • Reading Group Part 2:

Please let us know if you have any questions about the agenda, or if there’s any more info you’d like to know. We’ll see you later today!