Notes: 22.01.2022 Assembly

Here is a summary of our Housekeeping Commette
We discussed five projects currently in progress at the Museum of Care.
– The project “What is Education” with CSD and
Andris has been moved to May because there are already a lot of events in the next few months and it will allow us to prepare it better.
We decided that all open lectures and meetings related to the projects will take place every last Thursday of the month.
The reading group will therefore be every other Thursday of the month.
The main events at the Museum of Care will be every other week, but if additional events come up, we will always find a place for them.
So in February, March, and April, in addition to our regular Reading Group (we are currently reading “Dawn of everything,” we will have projects going on: “David Graeber and Philosophy,” “This is not a Pirate,” “What is Labor (with the Harun Farocki Institute).”
Let’s publish a “room” for each project on the MoC website and provide curators who run or prepare them with access to the page so they will be able to update and maintain it: to take care of it.
We are adding a new text about What is MoC.
We have also discussed the rules for participating in Reading Groups.
We will ask all participants to turn on their cameras at the beginning of the zoom, so we can say hello. After 5 minutes, the recording begins, and anyone who wants to turn off the camera can do it. 
We are looking for volunteers who would like to take care of social accounts for the Museum of Care.
Please write to us if you are interested. We will arrange it in the next housekeeping committee.
Work will include news updates, moderating discussions, and updating summaries every month on the Museum of Care site.