Letter from CSD about EDUCATION AND (ANTI)INSTITUTIONS – Second Assembly

This article is a part of the room: Education and (anti)Institutions

Dear everyone,

Thank you for attending the second assembly curated by the Critical Studies Department for the Museum of Care.
It was really an infinite pleasure to share with you our project about Education and (Anti)Institutions and listen to so many initiatives, so passionate, so urgent, so revolutionary and transformative.

On Thursday 29 July we organized a second zoom meeting with people and realities from different geopolitical contexts, trying to create the space for a dynamic debate with our guests and with the aim to gather a multiplicity of voices and practices, starting from some important questions while new ones emerged during the discussion.

What relations can develop between educational processes and the context in which cultural practitioners operate?
How do they influence each other? What languages can emerge?
How can smaller movements spread and organize autonomously, creating new spaces and forms of discussion that are not under the hegemony of major institutions and economic circuits?
What forms can autonomous or alternative education activities assume?

We wanted to collect testimonials directly from those who have imagined and already started to put into action such experiences. The meeting consisted of a number of brief interventions by: Nika Dubrovsky, Steve Bachelor, Zinaida Vasilyeva, Axel Dāzee, Kulsoom Khan, Simeen Anjum and Saqib Mohammad Butt, Elena Mazzi, Parag Tandel and Kadambari Koli Tandel, Ekaterina Martynova, Raina Bhattacharya, Zandie Brockett, Hafsa Sayeed, Moonis Ahmad Shah and Salman Baba, Dyan Neary, Song Yi, Sarp Renk Özer, Paul Devautour, Ohida Khandakarohida, Blandine de la Taille, Khursheed Ahmad.

If you have not been able to participate or you want to review the meeting, the entire registration is available at the following link:

We also had the opportunity to show a short excerpt from a video of a David Graber seminar we conducted with Andrea Staid, here you can find the full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vHZbeF-XYw&t=85s

Besides, we are working on our reading group about Nietschze that will be held on zoom at 27 August, 2021.

As always we will keep you updated,
Stay tuned!