Conservation Lab

We are museum-based conservators interested in opening a dedicated Conservation Lab at the Museum of Care. Schooled at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum and the Royal College of Art: Listening, slowed attention, care, intervention, a sensitivity to materials and environments, the dark arts of documentation and administration, curiosity, and collective and convivial endeavour — are key technics of a situated and environmental awareness that we inherit as object-based conservators.

However, we believe it is a matter of urgency to address the conditions of precarity and uncertainty brought about by the crisis in the established order. To test these museum-based practices, moving them beyond the current disciplinary preoccupation with historic/aesthetic objects. Are they apt to produce alternative situations and consequences, adapting and adopting an ecological and environmental framework. How might a reconfigured conservation cross pollinate and inform an experimental and collaborative practice dedicated to nurturing and maintaining alternative material/social relations. At a time alive with the possibility for transformation, as you say, of building better worlds, we would love to add a Conservation Lab to the tool box of care.

We would like to propose a reading group and various activities dedicated to shared experimentation and collective endeavour.