What is the collective documentary “How to Make Decisions?”

This project is a research of the decision-making process that people practice in different cultures, age groups, historical times, and social situations. We collect interviews from a number of different people: a London policeman and co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, anthropologists working in traditional communities, and autonomous movement activists.
We publish the interviews online and distribute them through a network of friendly resources, including our own museum.care and a4all.org.
Within a year, we will begin the editing process. Perhaps the initial interview materials will be used by several authors or author teams at once.
Under our license, we open the materials for everyone.
My vision of the final film is a personal video essay with commentaries and video insertions from my Soviet childhood and adolescence in Paris, Moscow and New York, in the days of the dismantling of the welfare state, with talk of democracy and freedom.
I expect to complete the project next fall, but each participant can follow his or her own rhythm.
Join us as someone who gives an interview, who use our material for their projects.