FIGHT CLUB: David Graeber vs Thomas Hobbes / Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Performance with Nika Dubrovsky, Jamie Kelsey-Fry, Savitri D. and Jacques Servin Before the honorable public, David Graeber confronts Thomas Hobbes and Jean-Jacques Rousseau to resolve one of the most important questions of our time: Why is our society built around the ideas of Hobbes and Rousseau, even though most people do not know who these […]

The Great Debt Debate Q&A

The First Fight between Michael Hudson and Thomas Piketty about thenature of Debt was held on the 10th anniversary of the edition of DavidGraeber’s 5000 Years of Debt.  Michael Hudson and Thomas Piketty were seeking answers to the burning questions of our time. The fight had so many rounds that we didn’t have time to […]

Fights Club Press

Debts that can’t be paid, won’t be paid: The first David Graeber Foundation meetup, between Thomas Piketty and Michael Hudson. by Cory Doctorow / September 29, 2021 It’s What the Babies Eat: Inflammatory Capitalism in Mushby Paul Haeder / September 30th, 2021

Here is a transcript of the 1st Fight Club: Michael Hudson and Thomas Piketty (English).

This debate between Michael Hudson and Thomas Piketty on September 23, 2021, is available on YouTube at: The debate was monitored by Lynn Parramore, and introduced by David Graeber’s widow, Nika. Dubrovsky. Closing speach by Steve Keen. Nika: Hi, I’m Nika. I’m David’s wife. This is an event in the honor of the first anniversary […]

John Locke VS Robert Skidelsky

John Locke proposes his theory of property rights in The Second Treatise of Government (1690). The theory is rooted in laws of nature that Locke identifies, which permit individuals to appropriate, and exercise control rights over, things in the world, like land and other material resources. The concept of private property is one of the foundations on […]

White paper of the Fight Club

This is why you may want to make your own Fight Club and this is how to do it: Why?  We need to bring crucial debates back into the public space. Why should we trust the shaping of our public agenda to the media and professional politicians? They are the stakeholders. Let’s do it ourselves! […]

David Graeber, the Afterlife Anthropologist

Now that David’s in the Afterlife (nothing so boring for him as merely being in Heaven), he’s checking out all the characters he’s read over the years, and engaging in intellectual fights with them face to face, rather than having to mediate through merely reading their writings. David: Hmmm. Last thing I remember, I was lying […]

Jean-Baptiste Say

Jean-Baptiste Say who used to say: “Every producer asks for money in exchange for his products, only for the purpose of employing that money again immediately in the purchase of another product; for we do not consume money, and it is not sought after in ordinary cases to conceal it: thus, when a producer desires […]

Charity Vs Burn it’ at Church of Burning.

we are still thinking how to make it the best possible way some thought of J.H.: We can get each side to ‘stake their fee’…. which will either be burned or given to charity depending who wins…. as well as having an audience bet on it. As well as bets on straight majority vote for the winner […]

David Graeber vs. Thomas Hobbes

How does it happened that 1% of the population made everyone else believe that we live in a world of Mr. Hobbes? However, most of us are not aware of Thomas Hobbes’ existence and definitely don’t share his principles? Thomas Hobbes and his supporters position: Hobbes discovered social machinery (the state) that he thinks makes […]