Notes: Assembly 27-09

Notes from Meeting MR took notes Mark noted that there were several channels of communication and it was easy for things to get lost.  Nika gave update on soon coming improvements to website – one platform log-in for all the DGI social media to send out publicity (Alecia who is paid to help out by […]


Agenda: 1) Planning a schedule of lectures, meetings, and reading groups for the next six months:—- Monthly conversations with Keith Hart (Steve Bachler).—- Christian Walter’s new reading group, “The Collapse of Antiquity Reading Group” or “The Origins of Modern Debt Politics in Greece and Rome.” To be determined.—- Continuation of the series “David Graeber and […]

Notes: Mastodon Assembly 31.05

Questions raised at the Assembly: Notes Mastodon runs on the protocol called ActivityPub ( and it is part of Fediverse ( Mastodon is federated which means it has different servers which can interact with each other. If we have an existing Mastodon account – we can link it to an account in another social media […]

Notes: First Mastodon Assembly

Since this was our first meeting, we spent half the time discussing why we use social media in the first place, what scares us, what interests us about it, and how we would like to change it. Many mentioned that they were looking for access to authentic news on social media, which specific people more often […]

Notes: 26.04.2023 Assembly

We have decided to dedicate the next Reading Groups, starting in September, to Michael Hudson’s book and the Seminar of Care. Both projects are scheduled to begin with a seminar, during which we will discuss the framework of our future Reading Groups. Maybe next year they will look more diverse. Here are some of the […]

Notes on 22.02.2023 Assembly

Summary 1. The “What is Anthropology” Roomwhich I created but didn’t continue, has a new mentor. We’ve been discussing how we can help students find a great anthropology teacher and decided to make a people’s ranking of bad and good teachers.Please join in! 2. Simona Ferlini plans to hold one of the panels in Naples […]

Notes: 21.12.2022 ASSEMBLY

Minutes of the Dec 21, 2022, Housekeeping Committee meeting Agenda Notes Three issues so far  (+4 to come)  The editors: Nika Dubrovsky and James Schneider The editors: Simona and Vassily +  –  2) How to edit texts together and request help with editing English texts 3) Plan for 2023 —- Pirate Carnival (probably in May/June […]


19:00 (CET – Italy, Croatia, Austria time ) A PROJECT IN COLLABORATION WITH CRITICAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT Please join us on June 30th, 2022 at 7 PM CET for Part II: UNLEARNING, an open dialogue about the UNEDUCATION project, based on sharing and framing of pedagogical practices. This talk will be the second episode of a […]

Call for the first Assembly on 24th of June

The first Assembly in collaboration with the Museum of Care is scheduled to take place on Thursday 24th of June. It will be an informal meeting and an opportunity to meet with people and realities from different geopolitical contexts, all of which are addressing similar urgencies and share an interest in alternative pedagogies, new forms […]