Rebel Without a God

David: “This is it! The very first academic essay ever written about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Yes, that’s right, I founded Buffy Studies. (Never read any of it though or was invited to any of their silly conferences. But you know something? That’s okay.)”

How to change the course of human history (at least, the part that’s already happened)

David: “rejected at the last minute by both Harpers and London Review of Books, for reasons never explained, this sets out some of the ideas for our forthcoming book”

Of Flying Cars and the Declining Rate of Profit

David: “This is one of those crazy rants I’d go off about at parties for years and would never ever have been allowed to publish; in fact I even tried once or twice and it was instantly rejected. Then of course I became famous…”

It Wasn’t a Tenure Case – A Personal Testimony, with Reflections

David: “In case you were wondering what really happened at Yale.”

The Bully’s Pulpit: On the elementary structure of domination

David:(this one was painful to write, made me depressed for a week, but I feel it’s important)”

Concerning the Violent Peace-Police

David:activist piece from N+1”

Super Position

Superhero piece

David hastens to point out the version in Utopia of Rules is much better though. Because some points were edited out.

Army of Altruists: On the alienated right to do good

David:the original Army of Altruists 2007”

Whole bunch of Guardian pieces

Way over a dozen pieces in The Guardian

Roy Bhaskar obituary

David’s 2014 tweets:

Roy Bhaskar is so nice. I asked how he can be so jolly despite his medical problems. Said: “I’m just so happy I get to see friends like you”

I wondered how can Bhaskar be so philosophical about his illness, debts, poverty… Then realized: oh right. He’s a philosopher.

Very sad news: Roy Bhaskar died of heart-failure yesterday. A lovely person and a cherished friend.

It occurs to me if Russell Brand were a philosopher he’d be Roy Bhaskar, & if Roy had been a comedian he’d be Brand

Caring too much. That’s the curse of the working classes

David on nurses’ strike: “Revolt of the caring classes starting to get real!”